1. Title and Statement of Responsibility Area = CARA CEPAT MENULIS PUISI / M. ROHMAD
2. Edition Area = First Ed, SEPTEMBER 2007
3. Material Specific Details Area = Poem Writing Statement Area
4. Publication, Distribution, ETC., Area = JAKARTA: STUDIA PRESS, 2007
5. Physical Description Area =
6. Series Area = poem Writing
7. Note Area = Bibl. : -, Indeks : 188-189
8. Standard Number and Terms of Availability Area = 979-3760-42-7
9. Specific number area = 0231400
10. Deskripsi Area =
” RATS wrapped paperboard ”
This book primarily contains a list of words grouped by rhyme (end word) was, like the suffix “us” August, angus, anus, current, wear, good, bec us, muzzle, bonus, machinations, wrap, said, snorting, rumors, coax, sniffing, paradise, focus, cork, harp, group, ha; lus, charred, remove, should, thirst, blow, humus, Draw, drip, runny nose, jerumus, kajtus, kajus, kanpus, dictionaries, boxes, cases, sternly, straight, dead, mode, smooth, diarrhea, whales, pine, faded, broken, greedy, hundred, boiled,
ringkus, formula, at the same time, census, circus, site, status, stimulus, tadarus, barren, ransom, translucent, hold, tetanus, mice, sincere, mismanagement, intestines, send, versus, virus.Yang with the suffix “us” is tercetuslah poem titled “Rats Wrapped Box”, which is the author’s own reflections on myself when i compile the final ini.D book author includes examples of poetry composed by the same rhyme. With words that have been tersusunmenurut rimanya, it can be beneficial to anyone at any age and atmosphere. for a fun joke, for that would not seriously, until which inevitably it must be serious. Even for teens who love to SMS love. Quite a bit of reading samples, sample in the book, then read a list of words that you want, then enter YOUR OWN HEART REWLUNG, then there are Countless poems that can be taken anytime and anywhere.


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