Mutiara Kisah teladan dan Humor Sufi

Main Number: 001/813 / CRC / M
8.mutiara kisah teladan humor sufi Title: Pearls Stories and Humor Sufi model

Authors: Abu Khalid Ma

Publisher: New York: Amelia, 2003

ISBN: 979-3955-40-6

Exemplary story of those who passed, the prophets.
friendly, sincere and pious person is a good mirror for
us, there are lessons from history and their stories that injustice, arrogance, kemungkaran, and immorality must perish

, Annihilated by true greatness.
While Sufi humor is pithy humor, we can laugh, but will still reflect
behind the laughter there is nothing, because the author is the person who dalah filasafatnya the story and the humor behind it

adal implied profound teachings of the truth.
and the story is one of the books have been published,
-many of these books as a continuation.


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