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1). Charging students a list of visitors present in the book present a list of visitors.
2). Students see bibliography or choose books that are needed in the catalog / direct to the bookcase.
3). Students take and borrow books required by the Card member.
4). Officers noted and signed the form of borrowing / returning books on the Card Member, tongue books / controller card and the card borrowing

1). Students fill in the visitors book Attendance Attendance List Guest.
2). Students return the books borrowed to the Library staff by showing Membership Card / Card lending
3). Officer Conducting the examination book that covers the condition, number of books, and the book’s title and date must be returned in Books Card, Membership Card, and Card Lending to check whether or not appropriate
4). Officer Returns to Shelves Book after book has been checked List
5). Doing officer min one time hospitalization book six months Hospitalization Report
6). Coordinator of Library User Card to check the suitability
7). Library Coordinator Evaluate and make a report to the Principal hospitalization in Evaluation Report

1). Coordinator, library, staff, teachers, library supporters lesson book Identifying needs s3esuai Parent Book / classification
2). Coordinator of libraries, librarians, and teachers identified the shortage of books.
3). Based on the results of the identification of the coordinator of the library to purchase books appropriate identification Procurement Forms Library Books
4). Library Coordinator Reporting to the principal in the form of financial statements
5). Principal agree / do not purchase the book for planning
6). Coordinator of classifying books have been purchased / donated books or books subside from the government or other departments.
7). The library staff to enter into the Main Book, Book classification / catalog and member labels and other identification that is ready in Tata in the Book Rack in accordance with the classification…

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