The school library is an essential part of the educational component of its existence that can  not be separated from the school environment. As one means of education, school library serves as a learning support for students / student and school libraries also serve to help students and teachers in promoting the achievement of educational goals in school. School library must allow the educational staff and the learners an opportunity to expand and gain knowledge by reading library materials containing the necessary knowledge in teaching and beyond KBM .. Mission of the school library (SNI7329: 2009) which provides information and ideas that are the foundation to function well in society today are based on information and knowledge; provide a means for students to be skilled lifelong learning and are able to develop the intellect so that they may live as responsible citizens. School library purposes (SNI7329 :2009) provides a learning resource center that can help develop and increase interest in reading, information literacy, talents and abilities of learners. But based on the facts on the ground a lot of problems that can hinder that goal. The problem, among others, the following: lack of awareness among school leaders and the school library on the translation of the mission and goals of the school library; Lack of knowledge of school leaders and the school library on the management and organization of the library; lack of motivation and role of government, both levels of government and agencies dtruktural local to central library. In this simple article the author tries to discuss penelesaian or way out of some of the problems mentioned above. Development of a library should be based on the policy of the institution shade, unless the library is independent. The main base is the foundation that must be the vision and mission of the institution. Libraries must act to support the achievement of the vision and mission. Independent library should also have a vision and a mission to serve as a foothold development path. With a clear vision and mission, it can be made a measure or indicator of success to be achieved in the development. For example libraries and shade on an ongoing basis should be able to create conditions that support the development of library cooperation so that everything can be a standard library. Standard library includes: standard collections, librarians  standards  value and administrative staff,  poor service standards (type and form of service); Coverage users (local communities – regional – national – ff.); Supporting facilities (buildings and equipment) Priority is given to the components that best supports institutional development targets. Another consideration is the availability of funds owned. At each development activity, the main proponent is required to ensure success. The first is a supporter of the funds (fund). The next proponents are planning (planning) where it was loaded on the purpose of each activity, performance size, shape program. At the planning was also mentioned when each goal should be achieved. The third is the main supporter of the human resource manager library (Head of Libraries, librarians, technical staff) who know their respective roles so that would be willing to be responsible for the success or failure / delay in the achievement of goals. Steps should be initiated development of a joint agreement of each component in the system, starting from the head of school, the library to the user. All components must agree on what is to be developed, as well as the consequences to be faced due to development (eg, new and different atmosphere). Thus all the components will move in the same direction, do not make their own way. Some steps that can be done is: With membuat SWOT analysis.  in order to measure the success of development activities required size is determined by the agency based on existing conditions. The trick is to create a SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threat), which is to see what theSTRENGTH (S) institutions: the amount and level of HR education, networking, and all internal power, what WEAKNESSES (W) institutions: lack of funds, collection of outdated, space less representative, and other internal weaknesses, OPPORTUNITIES (O) which looks at external institutions: government policy, the offer of cooperation, scholarship opportunities, and all of the external opportunities, THREATS (T) from the external that will hinder development efforts : competition with similar institutions, globalization, the public image of the institution over the years. By determining the target size (standard) success measures are based on objective, which is formulated in the SWOT analysis.  Sizes are made to be rational in order to be a very high success rate. If possible, measure of success should be a number (quantity). If not, you can also measure the quality of, for example: In the room service will be installed 15 computers on-line; Librarian educated S1 increased to 3 people, or maybe There is a new service that has more appeal tinggidan library users to use all the services presented with size clear that a manager will be able to make the minimum target that can be achieved and can make an evaluation of the success rate (target 15 computer – the realization of the 10 computers = achievement …..%) Having clear performance measures, create a program to achieve the set targets, for example: Cooperation with companies to procure new computers for field service; Improving the quality of human resources through education bachelor’s degree; Revitalization Workshop PerpustakaanYang Service to remember is that all programs should be based on agency policies shade to gain support (at least not-support-moral) of the institution. In addition, must consider the results of a SWOT analysis as the reference programming. Next is to calculate the budget that must be spent in the development activities. Basic budget can be determined based on the availability of the budgets provided by or based on the goals to be achieved which have an impact on the program will be made. Whole grains should budget carefully calculated so that nothing passed that no activity should be stopped because of error calculation of funds. Then, set a definite time but rational for each program to be carried out. Choose a program that can be executed in parallel and which programs should be done consecutively or one after the other. The timing of this, the division of labor will be more clear and easy to do because there will be no clash of processing time and program librarians to be filmed concurrently. Many people think that the timing is something simple. However, timing errors can make a program not fulfilled perfectly for allocation wrong (too long or too briefly). Then no measure of time, the manager can not sue his team to move quickly. This problem seems every time complained of by many libraries is the desire to move forward. Though the problem is not outside but inside the library, the mindset is still self-oriented. The mindset of the library is to maintain the assumption that the non-commercial organization that needs support and can not support themselves because they have no income. For that this mindset should be abandoned because it is no longer relevant to current conditions, the autonomy era and the era of globalization. In the current era of true principle: “those who are able to help”. So to get the support, a library must be able to demonstrate what has been achieved with the existing conditions. All these achievements have tertuangkan in a complete report both quantitative and qualitative reports reports. Relate the components held, what already works and what is being done, especially how the library has a role in supporting the program and the institution as a stakeholder shade utilization rate by the user on all of the services presented. Shows the progress that has been achieved, no longer support the petition begging because they have and have not done anything, but rather a plea to ‘add’ what-have for the library better able to move forward. This application form, agencies generally do not see support as something big and expensive (although ‘extras’ that needed to be 90% of what is already held – simply add 14 computers from a single computer that already exist). On each petition, the library must not think of ourselves about what is going to be felt by the library, but is more oriented to the benefits that can be obtained underwriter or sponsor agency, or other entity to work with, if the library can grow. Simply put: “This development is not for us (the library), but for those of you who have supported”. Mention clearly the changes and advances that would occur in the body have a quality library. Glance it seems this way to diminish the role and position as a library. When in fact it is the role of library supporters, driving, provider of assistance to an agency that will develop. Library is not a producer of a stand-alone product that can provide financial benefits. He is one component of the many components of an institution. However, the library should be able to convince all parties: “we are the most important component among others.” The steps in developing this library is easier to talk about than done. However, this effort should always be made by continuing to use the principle of “give and take”, ie what can be provided by the library, and because it was then the library should also have the right to obtain financial support or other material support. Because the progress of an institution is determined by the progress of the institution, so hopefully no one institution / school library is not mempreoritaskan progress. References: 1. Decision of the minister of interior and local autonomy No. 3 of 2001 ‘on the village library / village 2. Regulation of the Indonesian republic national education minister number 25 of 2008 on Standards for school librarian / madrasah 3. Regulation of national education minister republic Indonesia number 25 year 2008 on standards for school librarian / madrasah with the grace of God Almighty minister of national education,


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