8. BADMAN :bidin

Batman : bidin/Boim lebon, DKK.

Main Number: 003/813/LEB/B

8. BADMAN :bidin

8. BADMAN :bidin

Title: Batman: Bidin
Author: Boim lebon, DKK.
Publisher: Jakarta: PT circumference PENA KREATIVA, 2005
Matter: SEVENTH, 2007
ISBN: 979-3651-69-5
Badman: Bidin, the Laugh Authorship Boim Lebon, after this, there are many other stories are not less fun than the author-penulisFLP,
The anthology that brings this love to Gito Rolis. Not funny anyway? There are people y7ang hobby nolongin people like batman,
but not even disukai.Waktu Si Bidin nolongin Sofyan Azan in Moses; la, a village of people directly in droves
come to the prayer room. Not for prayers, but for the Azannya marahin Bidin not true.
So also when Bidin nolonginmpok Ade wants motorists crossed the road or the bike breaking down. that is, they
can not help, even had the misfortune. Mr. RT was mengultimatum: “From this day should Lo kagak nolongin people again, whoever he is”
Who was he? Then there Bidin dong to do when he heard a voice ask Pak RT from the wells, but no one else
besides him. KAN FUNNY? Happy reading


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