NURIL ANWAR 001STATE LIBRARYOf “SMK Negeri 10 Malang” is an integral part of the board of education at “SMK Negeri 10 mALANG” that is where a collection of library materials are organized and systematically arranged for use by pupils and teachers, and professionals as a source of information materials as well as learning resources in order to support the learning program and and improving the quality of teaching in “SMK Negeri 10 MALANG” HIM self .
purpose of Maintenance State Library “SMK NEGERI 10 “in Malang are buttress study program for students and teachers to teach for general purpose and specialized in “SMK Negeri 10 MALANG” can be achieved optimally.
Library “SMK Negeri 10 MALANG” role as one means of educational and instructive technical support along with educational elements determine the success of the others follow the educational process, especially in “SMK Negeri 10 Malang”.
In accordance with the objectives, principal functions of the State Library “SMK NEGERI 10” in Malang are providing information services to support the program learning and teaching, both in rural and appreciation of knowledge, skill and mastery of absorption and expansion of life values ​​and attitudes of pupils. In detail the functions of the ministry of information will result in three maxcam benefits, namely: the benefits of a learning resource , as a source of information, as a recreational resource.
As a source of study for using the library as a right, students can deepen understanding and appreciation of the knowledge gained from the teacher. As a source of information for library collections can be used to expand the horizons of knowledge and skill to other students who have been given by the teacher.
Similarly, the use of libraries by teachers will broaden horizons and to update teachers’ knowledge in subjects they are teaching.
benefits as a source of recreation in providing visual collection of light and fresh to provide consistency, compatibility, keseimbangn library development, skills and values ​​and attitudes of life, both teachers and pupils.
To function library information services SMK Negeri 10 unfortunate to be carried out optimally, work activities to be performed should include two kinds , namely: technical work activities and the activities of the ministry of library users.
the technique does work activities of SMK Negeri 10 Malang is the completion of activities related to collection of work that used by the wearer. This work activities meliputu collection and processing of construction activities.
As service users are the activities of the ministry of the use of collection efforts by teachers and pupils. These activities include serving sirkulai, reference services, and activities at the library order to function optimally work activities, of “SMK Negeri 10 Malang” must be equipped with three kinds of basic facilities, such as: means of library staff, physical facilities, and means of financing.
The Library does “” is the source of information in various forms that have been selected in accordance with the purpose of education at SMK Negeri 10 Malang, and bolster covers all fields of study, provide general information to suit your level of intelligence, and ability to read, and mental development of students and profwesi claim of primary teachers in schools.
collection is one of the library in the form of technical activities and systematic activities directed from the selection up to fit the needs of the provision.
of the State Library School 10 in Malang include: collection of books and non-book collections. The book collection includes: non-Fiction books, and fiction books.
book of non fiction include: main text books, textbooks complementary, non-fiction reading books, and books of reference or resource book.
major textbooks are books that contain material of a field of study subjects used as a book of trees, both for students and teachers.
book complement the text is a nature book or a book to help further the main textbook used by students and teachers.
book is non fiction books used as reading, according to which functions can be differentiated into a book support the reading curriculum and reading books that are unconditional.
Books refrensi source book or books of reference is the book used as a source of information by students and teachers to get additional clarity on a field of knowledge or skill. Reference book consists of several kinds, among others: dictionary, insiklopedi, almanacs, directories, atlases, maps, yearbooks, and bibliography.
Dictionary is a book that contains the word or term in the language or particular subject areas that are arranged in alphabetical order. Based on the scope of the discussed dictionary can be distinguished, among others: General Dictionary, General Dictionary, Dictionary of terms, dictionary synonym, antonym dictionary, phrase dictionary, and kamus.peri language.
As is said that assembles insiklopedi description of the areas of knowledge (general insiklopedi ) or on specific areas of knowledge (specific insiklopedi). Evidence given in insiklopedi include: definition, history, meaning stripping or description, and contact with other things.
To create a program on the State Library”SMK NEGERI 10 MALANG”
Standardization refers to the standard library that covers the building, standard LIBRALIAN, standard collection, standard of service, technical standard treatment books, standard infrastructure facilities including the Internet. All that will be realized when the existence of the State School Library 10 Unfortunately positioned according to the SCHOOL LIBRARY STANDARDS.


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